A second child born to Peaky Blinders star Sophie Rundle

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Sophie Rundle, one of the stars of Peaky Blinders, has recently given birth to her second child and has shared some adorable first photos of her newborn.

A picture of the actress and her husband sharing a photo of their newborn baby boy was posted on her Instagram account on Sunday, June 30.

The British actress claimed that she was “delirious”, as she uploaded a carousel of images along with a caption that read: “He’s here. I’m fully prepared for what is going to happen, and at any moment I could nosedive off the hormonal cliff edge, but for now, I’m riding this heavenly wave of love.”

Her character, Ada Shelby in the iconic British series, has been widely acclaimed throughout history. As I captioned the photo, the actress explained that she only wishes to remain in this bed for as long as possible, tending to my exhausted happy bones and sniffing his delicious head, and announcing with a chuckle that every time I put him in one of his brother’s old baby grows, he is wearing an archive look from the 2021 collection. It is possible that I am a little delirious at this point.) Oh wow, the love is incredible.”

Furthermore, she expressed gratitude to @stroudmaternity in an honorary mention as well: “Special thanks to all the amazing staff at @stroudmaternity for bringing him here in such a safe and happy way and for taking such excellent care of us, we are eternally grateful.”

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