A new biography reveals Madonna’s nickname ‘Madge’

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A new biography reveals Madonna’s nickname ‘Madge’. It has been said that Madonna has earned the title of ‘Queen of Pop’ over the course of her career that has spanned over four decades.

According to Madonna’s newly released biography, Madonna: A Rebel Life, the 65-year-old singer, who has not only made headlines with her songs, but also through many controversial moments in her life as well, has revealed some key insights from that time period.

A new biography reveals Madonna’s nickname ‘Madge’. The book is over 800 pages long and looks into her experiences growing up in Michigan, moving to New York City, earning success as a pop star, marrying multiple times and raising six children, including the one she earned her infamous nickname, Madge.

As a result of dating Guy Ritchie at the time, the singer of Like a Prayer had moved to London to work on her music in 2000.

During her time in the UK, the Vogue musician displayed the behavior of a normal, everyday person rather than the behavior of a huge celebrity, which the English fans greatly appreciated.

There was soon a tendency to refer to her as Madge – which is a name that sounds more like an average person’s name rather than Madonna’s.

The singer’s second husband, Ritchie, to whom she was married for eight years, reportedly told her that the nickname was derived from the regal ‘Her Majesty’ – attempting to convince her that she wasn’t being labelled as an ordinary person.

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