A look at popular solar eclipse conspiracy theories

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Solar eclipse conspiracy theories, It is estimated that there is an eclipse of the sun every 18 months, but they are usually seen at faraway locations due to the fact that they are rare events. Therefore, this one is so significant and has many conspiracy theories associated with it.

According to some people, Biden is going to use the eclipse to introduce a new world order, while conspiracy theorists are claiming that it is being used to predict an important biblical event. The following are some of the allegations which we will examine in greater detail in the following paragraphs:

Firstly, many people have made up the untrue claim that the route of the Solar Eclipse will pass through every one of the seven American cities bearing the name Nineveh. Nineveh is a city in Iraq that is described in the Bible as “evil” and was referred to as such by the Bible.

According to another major conspiracy theory surrounding the Solar Eclipse, it has also been used as a tool for establishing a state of emergency under the control of a billionaire-led New World Order.

Right-wing celebrity and conspiracy theorist Alex Jones posted a video, which suggested that the government is spreading fear around the solar eclipse in order to divert attention and use the eclipse to spread fear. A number of counties in Texas and Oklahoma have declared states of emergency in accordance with this theory.

In some counties, there have been warnings issued in advance of the eclipse, which doesn’t seem odd or suggest any state of emergency, but rather, it seems to be a precautionary measure to make sure everyone is comfortable.

A state of emergency has been declared in Travis County, Texas, as a result of the possibility that people are going to experience “telecommunication service disruptions” and “extreme traffic congestion” as a result of watching the eclipse.

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