53 years ago, this place (Gate of Hell) burned in Turkmenistan

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53 years ago, this place (Gate of Hell) burned in Turkmenistan, Although the “Gates of Hell” appear to be a scene that has been plucked from a low-budget horror movie, they are actually an enigmatic gas crater that has burned for more than fifty years.

Despite the mystery surrounding Darvaza Crater, sometimes known as the “Gateway to Hell” many Turkmenistan tourists consider it to be one of the most attractive tourist destinations in the country.

According to some, this was a result of an unsuccessful Soviet gas field drilling operation that resulted in the discovery of the field.

The drilling rig was said to have fallen into a gas cavern after it was hit, causing the ground beneath it to collapse and causing the earth to fall in.

The Soviets then decided to burn the gas off by lighting it on fire in order to prevent the harmful vapours from spreading in order to stop the spread of the harmful vapours.

According to the Turkmen geologists in the area, there was no fire started until the 1980s, and the crater was formed between the 1960s and 1980s.

The most recent investigation of the crater took place in 2013 by Canadian explorer George Kourounis, who went as far as to explore it all the way to the bottom and came to the conclusion that its origin is actually not known.

During the 2018 presidential elections, the president officially named it the “Shining of Karakum” to honor the burning desert where it occurs.

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